1. mattroberge:

    james juckett an the greenery 


  3. jared-jackson:


    jared taking a photo of me taking a photo of jared

  4. twiggy and jimmy swimmy

  5. mattroberge:

    jake baldini goin ollie on em

    Twig poppin a phat one

  6. mattroberge:

    you was in la marina all summer, john shanahan griding

  7. mattroberge:

    grindin out john

  8. twigs nyc

  9. james juckett on a new wave

  10. thot

  11. Theo front piv

  12. josh feist switch 180 pittsburgh 

  13. thin mike

  14. theskateboardmag:

    @johnshanahanz hood ride. #instacrops photo by: @alex_papke. submit your #instacrops photos along with your Instagram user name to instacrops@theskateboardmag.com.

  15. shoobies