2. mattroberge:


    the great plaza tornado, oh the humanity, never ferget

    the day everyone got hit by a tornader

    the time a jocknado hit the plaza

  3. Matty A. day after twigs knocked off the knobs wit a sledge

  4. iankline:

    John snappin over all these hoes 

    Woodward round2

  5. Josh Feist boardslide

  6. twiggy lives under this bridge

  7. right by the crib

  8. 46 year old Elliot in the streets of harlem

  10. the wigs up to no good

  11. giorgio in pittsburg 

  12. heikkila:

    john shanahan. switch noseslide. jamestown, rhode island. 2014

  13. baldini 5-0

  14. yonkers

  15. Giorgio grindin